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FiveM LavishRP 2.0

Live your most Lavish Lifestyle in a exhilarating & fast paced Lavish Los Santos city.
With hundreds of custom, rare, and exotic vehicles available, cruise or race through the streets, just keep an eye out for LSPD!
Sell drugs, rob stores, or work a legal job of your choice; plenty of options, plenty of ways of making money to Live Lavish!
This is a revamp & re-launch of LavishRP 1.0. Everything is newer, runs smoother, and has more community focus then ever; with new features and cars being added weekly!

Special Features

Online CAD System

Each resident of Los Santos must create a State ID in the CAD system. This is a system to keep track of players, licenses, vehicles, and general police communications. Players will accumulate records, charges, and arrests for police officers to see.

Friendly and Helpful Community

Friendly RP is the best RP, play the scene, it doesn't matter who wins; just have fun! Many helpful staff members, players, and sections on Discord designated towards new players looking for some help. Don't hesitate to contact staff members for problems.

Custom Cars Of all Kinds

Lavish has a wide variety of custom vehicles! Sports, SUVs, super, sports classics, imported and even cop cars; We have it all! Available in seasons that are released every couple of weeks are new cars for every price range.

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Contact Us

For help, questions, or even introductions; join our Discord community and read through our various informative sections, if you need more help ask around everyone will be glad to help!

To contact server admistriators - try opening a support ticket or by sending us an email; we will get right back to you!